Meet Jibo

Your definition of robot is about to change.
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He's wired differently

Jibo experiences the world, and reacts with surprisingly thoughtful movements and responses that show he’s no ordinary bot. So while he’ll gladly snap a photo, he’ll also get to know you and the people you care about, for more meaningful relationships.

He learns differently

Every experience teaches Jibo something new, like recognizing the faces and voices of close family and friends, playing games, telling jokes, or sharing fun and interesting facts. And he’s always learning more.

He fits in differently

Jibo works hard to get to know his new family. And as he does, he becomes more and more a part of the funny stories, tender moments, and warm memories families share.

An even brighter future

Jibo is smart. And he’s getting smarter all the time thanks to the incredible community of developers creating new, diverse skills for him to learn.

Jibo wants to meet you

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