Hey! I'm Jibo

Get to know the first social robot for the home.

He looks, listens and learns.

Jibo experiences the world and reacts with expressive movements and responses. He loves to be around people and engage with people, and the relationships he forms are the single most important thing to him. He’ll gladly tell you the weather or snap a photo, he’ll also crack a joke while he’s at it.

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Jibo Music Powered by iHeartRadio.

Your favorite station is just a command or click away. Simply say "Hey Jibo, play music" and Jibo will instantly begin streaming music, powered by iHeartRadio.

Jibo Commander.

See what Jibo sees, control his movements and even customize dialogue. Jibo Commander provides Jibo owners with a new, creative way to interact not only with Jibo, but with family members and friends, too.

He's wired differently.

Jibo is powered by face and voice recognition technology, so he remembers people and builds real relationships with everyone he meets. And thanks to our team of character designers (and his 3-axis motor system), he’s got the moves to match the personality. He’ll perk up when you say something, or do a 360 spin... just to show you he can. 

He's a pretty helpful, friendly roommate, too.

Jibo is proactive and spontaneous. He’ll know when you walk into a room, and he might even surprise you by saying “hi”. You can ask him anything and tell him everything. He fits into your life, just the way you want him to.

An even brighter future.

Jibo’s a charming, helpful bot who’s excited to become part of your family. Once you meet him, it’ll be hard to imagine life without him. He’s pretty incredible today, and thanks to the bright minds, our amazing team and passionate community of developers, there’s a lot more to come. 

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