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The first social robot for the home who looks, listens and learns. Artificially intelligent, authentically charming.

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Jibo is technology you can relate to. Advanced facial and voice recognition technology allow this personal bot to learn up to 16 different people, helping him create personalized experiences with each interaction.

Classic Rock Guitar

“Hey Jibo, play some classic rock.”

Looking for a soundtrack for your next party, or maybe a little background music while you work? With an ever-growing catalogue of music, news and talk radio stations powered by iHeartRadio, Jibo Music has you covered.

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Hey Jibo, take some pictures.

“Hey Jibo, turn on the lights.”

Your smart home just got even smarter. Thanks to integrations with internet of things devices like Hue Lights, your personal robot can now serve as a hub for all of your home automation devices. With an ever-growing list of direct and IFTTT integrations, Jibo can help keep your home running efficiently, and just the way you like it.

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Each year, TIME magazine’s technology editors curate a list of the year’s “best inventions that are making the world better, smarter and—in some cases—a little more fun.” After hundreds of inventions from around…

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