The Team Behind Jibo

The executive team of Jibo is made up of 10 senior leaders, who each have a depth of experience in business not typically seen in an early stage company.  The team brings to the table backgrounds in robotics, speech technology, artificial intelligence, user experience design, manufacturing and supply chain, and developer and platform strategy.  The team understands and has seen first hand the nature of building a high-growth company. 

  • Steve Chambers

    Highly experienced business executive, formerly with Nuance and Polycom. Brought innovative, high-experience consumer technologies to global markets.

  • Cynthia Breazeal
    Founder & Chief Scientist

    Pioneer of Social Robotics and MIT Professor, Jibo Inc. brings her vision and deep expertise to the world.

  • Jeri Asher
    Cofounder & EVP

    Serial entrepreneur and business executive. Deep expertise in bringing health-based technologies to the home.

  • Rich Westelman
    VP Finance and G&A

    Business leader with over 20 years of experience in finance and operations. Has helped high-growth companies including SpeechWorks and Sermo achieve their potential.

  • Matt Revis
    VP Product Management

    Nearly fifteen years at Nuance working on speech technology and artificial intelligence, creating human-machine interfaces for the world's leading devices.

  • Adam Craft
    VP, Hardware, Manufacturing, Quality, & Operations

    Product Development Leader with extensive experience leading China-based manufacturing initiatives and global supply chain coordination. Formerly with Hasbro, iRobot, and Dragon Innovation.

  • Nancy Dussault-Smith
    VP Consumer Marketing & Communications

    Consumer Marketing Leader. Expertise in launching emerging technology. Ran iRobot’s global marketing for over a decade.

  • Lynda Smith
    VP Developer Strategy & Marketing

    Marketing leader. Most recently CMO at Twilio with a focus on developers. On faculty at Stanford teaching entrepreneurship.

  • Eugenia Gillan
    VP, Software

    Experienced engineering leader with a passion for delivering organizational excellence and enabling innovation in high-performing teams. Formerly with Zoominfo, Nice and Wildfire.

  • Brian Eberman

    Highly experienced technology executive bringing speech technology, artificial intelligence, and robotics to market with Nuance, Digital, and MIT.