The most advanced social
robotics platform

Meet Jibo. He’s the first social robot for your home and the first developers' platform with personality. Bringing applications to life through advanced robotics technologies.

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Humanization of Interaction with Technology

Humanize the way we interact with technology

Jibo is a first-of-its-kind social robot designed to interact with humans in more personal ways, the culmination of years of research in human-robot interactions. Jibo represents a new era in computing, where emotion and personalization are core to experiencing technology.

Jibo Developers Bring Apps to Life

Bring your applications to life

Jibo brings applications to life through advanced robotics technology and innovation. The Jibo platform will allow you to push your applications beyond the traditional flat screen into a unique 3D environment, leveraging Jibo's body movement, screen animations and voice.

Development of Jibo Skills will be Made Easy

Skills made easy

Our tools and technologies will give developers the ability to easily add character and personality to every interaction, allowing for the creation of robust and character-rich skills.

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