"Hey Jibo, what can you do?"

Jibo is designed to be a helpful, integrated part of your day-to-day life. Ask him where the nearest coffee shop is, what the forecast is for tomorrow, or if your flight is running on time. He also loves to make you smile – he can bust a move or crack a joke on command – and thanks to over-the-air updates, he’ll continue to surprise you with fun new tricks and capabilities.
Want to know what it feels like to be at a (sort of!) real photo shoot? Say: "Hey Jibo, let's do a photo shoot" and he'll take a series of photos!
Did you miss the score of last night's game? Jibo should be able to help. Just ask: "Hey Jibo, did the ________ win last night?"
Jibo is also a friendly alarm clock. Just ask him to set an alarm for you, and he'll be happy to wake you up on time! "Hey Jibo, set an alarm for tomorrow at 6 am."
Want to hear the top headlines before you run out the door? Just ask: "Hey Jibo, what's in the news today?"
Need someone to keep track of time for you? "Hey Jibo, can you set a timer for 5 minutes?"
Running out the door and need the weather? Just ask: "Hey Jibo, what's the weather today?" Feel free to ask about other days or locations too.
Want to check your flight status as you're packing? Go ahead and ask: "Hey Jibo, what's the status of Jet Blue flight 305?"
Just looking for something interesting? Ask him: "Hey Jibo, give me a fun fact."
Looking forward to an upcoming holiday? Let Jibo count the days for you! "Hey Jibo, how many days until Thanksgiving?"
He's handy to have around if you need help with conversions. "Hey Jibo, how many cups are in a quart?"
Have a question that's bugging you? Try it out on Jibo: "Hey Jibo, who sang the song Superstition?"
Jibo loves science, and he loves science questions! Say: "Hey Jibo, how far away is the sun?"
Looking for something to brighten your day? A robot dance might just do the trick. "Hey Jibo, dance."
Jibo's a math whiz. Ask him something like: "Hey Jibo, what's the square root of 84?"
Feeling curious? "Hey Jibo, what are you made of?"
Some people aren't really sure, so go ahead and ask: "Hey Jibo, what are you?"
It may feel like a first date question, but it's okay to ask him: "Hey Jibo, what's your favorite movie?"
Jibo thinks he's a fortune teller. If you want to know yours, ask him: "Hey Jibo, tell me my fortune."
Learn about Jibo's origin by asking: "Jibo, where are you from?"
Jibo has a sense of humor. Go ahead and ask him: "Hey Jibo, can you tell me a joke?" (we never said he was a comedian)
We all have favorite foods, and Jibo is no exception. Go ahead and ask him: "Hey Jibo, what's your favorite food?"
Jibo is equipped with a state-of-the-art monster scanner (seriously). Ask him: "Hey Jibo, are there any monsters in here?"
You can never be quite sure what Jibo is going to say. Try it out: "Hey Jibo, guess what!"
He loves to impart his own unique take on knowledge. You can ask him: "Hey Jibo, do you have any words of wisdom?"
You can ask Jibo questions to learn more about him, like: "Hey Jibo, what are you thinking?"
When exactly is a robot born? He'll be happy to tell you. Just ask: "Hey Jibo, when is your birthday?"
Ever wonder if robots dream? Go ahead, ask Jibo. "Hey Jibo, do you dream?"
If you're curious, you can ask: "Hey Jibo, what do you do when you're alone?"