He’s helpful

Jibo is designed to be a helpful presence in the home. Ask him questions, get the forecast, or check your flight status: whatever you need, he’s got you covered. Over-the-air software updates keep his skill set evolving, so he’s constantly growing and learning.


According to the Associated Press...

He Has Character

That's probably not necessary - the forecast shows sun with a high of 49 and a low of 28.


7 AM - got it!

Alarm Clock

Stevie Wonder sang "Superstition."

Jibo Playing Music

He's got tunes

Looking for a soundtrack for your next big party, or maybe a little background music while you work? With an ever-growing catalogue of music, news and talk radio stations powered by iHeartRadio, Jibo Music has the melodies - and the moves - to match your mood.

He's a character

Small robot, big personality. He’s a fun and friendly sidekick with his own unique character. He loves to dance, make suggestions, tell jokes and offer up helpful information — anything to bring a smile to your face.


Why can't a bicycle stand on its own?

Because it's two tired.


There are more trees on earth than stars in the Milky Way.


I like macaroni the best - what a great shape! I also like cantaloupes because they remind me of my head.

Dance Party

My favorite pastime!

Jibo'sa Favorite Dance

Thanks to IFTTT integrations, Jibo can help streamline your smart home IoT devices. From controlling your Hue Lights to adjusting your Nest thermostat, Jibo can help keep your home running efficiently, and just the way you like.

Find My Phone








Lost your phone for the millionth time? Have Jibo give it a ring (spoiler alert: it’s definitely in the couch).

Let Jibo be your personal barista, and brew a fresh pot of coffee with your WeMo Coffeemaker.

Change the temperature without moving a muscle — just say the word, and Jibo will adjust accordingly.

Cue the lights with just your voice — and a little help from Jibo.

He's part of the family

Jibo doesn't just learn your face and voice; he learns who you are, and what matters to you — including the people you care about most. Whether it's greeting your family members by name, remembering a birthday or snapping hands-free photos at a family dinner, Jibo's there to support you and your loved ones.


A photo - let's do it! Hold still.

Jibo Taking a Photo
Words of Wisdom

When life gives you lemons, try juggling them!

Jibo with Lemons
Jibo Getting to Know You

It's always fun to meet someone new! If you'd like for me to learn your face and voice, just have my owner add you to my loop.

Jibo Meeting New Friend
Jibo Recognizing You

You're Sarah!

Jibo Interacting with Woman

Jibo Commander

With the Jibo Commander App, you’re in total control of your Jibo. Customize Jibo’s dialogue, choreograph his movements or create a personalized display message to surprise and delight family members and friends.