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Jibo fundamentally changes the way that we interact with technology -- creating meaningful, inclusive experiences that bring moments of joy and delight, and help form warmer, deeper connections. Explore

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Tech Specs

More than meets the eye

Dr. Cynthia Breazeal, Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder, Jibo, Inc. describes what makes Jibo different, and why this little robot represents something far bigger.

A True Character

True Character

Jibo’s personality shines in everything he does. From his dance moves to his jokes, his charming disposition and unique character makes each interaction special, helpful and surprisingly human.

Purposeful Design

Purposeful Design

Jibo’s design is equal parts form and function. While sleek and sophisticated in form, his fluid movements echo his personality: youthful, curious and eager to help, learn and grow.

Powerful Tech

Powerful Tech

From his advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to his facial recognition system, Jibo’s cutting-edge technology grants him the ability to integrate and engage in a completely revolutionary way.


Three-axis motor system

Jibo’s three-axis motor system allows him to spin in 360 degrees so he can turn to face any direction, and move freely to express himself. Smooth, beveled edges between each of his motors ensure that hair, skin or fingernails won’t get caught in his joints when he moves.

Jibo Stereo HomeVision__copy

Panoramic vision

Jibo is equipped with two cameras that allow him to see the world around him, learn faces and capture photos. His two cameras help him to expertly frame each shot, so no one gets left out of a photo.

Jibo 360 Degree Microphone Array

360-degree microphone array

Jibo’s microphones allow him to detect sounds from any direction, so you can always get his attention when you need him.

Jibo Touch Screen

Touch screen

Jibo’s face features a 5-inch, 1280x720 pixel touch screen, which can be used to navigate through his menus and skills in place of voice commands, or display the photos he’s taken.

Jibo Visual and Voice ID

Visual and voice ID

Advanced facial and voice recognition capabilities allow Jibo to identify his loop members by face and voice, allowing him to address individuals personally. Because he can see and hear, he can proactively engage people around him.

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